Hawke & Thorn Designers
Daniella Thickett, Anna Docherty, Samantha Balogh
Hawke & Thorn is Germany’s up and coming, all-female design brand. Based out of Munich, the team is dedicated to creating furniture and home decor specifically for modern feminine tastes. Women make up the majority of home interior purchasing decisions which is an incredible influencing power, and who better to create products for these influential women than a team of female designers.
Taking subtle cues from the fashion industry Hawke & Thorn is on the forefront of new trends. Each piece offers a unique way to create a space which exudes the personality of the individual. Firmly rooted in a Scandinavian style, the design team are innovators in creating new takes on classic themes. The products are all original concepts, exclusively designed in-house and manufactured with top quality materials. Durable, classic and enduring designs are the primary focus, offering selections to highlight a modern interior with timeless yet on trend options. The workflow at Hawke & Thorn allows creative freedom for the team, who are all in direct contact with their manufacturing centers. The result is the creation of higher quality, more relevant products and a shorter life cycle from conception to market.
At Hawke & Thorn products are designed in curated collections, creating pieces which can be individually selected as accents or combined in a variety of ways based on individual style and preference. Each piece of the entire collection is confidently designed to stand alone or to be coordinated seamlessly, creating an effortless look.
This brand is not only about high quality products, but also about the experience of the client. From the first interaction, to the selection of the product, the delivery and finally the opening of the package, all aspects have been considered to make the customer experience both unforgettable and unique.

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